Ejner mailed me because he wanted to surprise his boyfriend with a couple session in Milan, the first stop of their journey through Italy.
I thought it was a lovely idea to capture their day sightseeing and being totally in love.
It seemed pretty romantic as it was. A lovely gift.
What Ejner (and I) didn’t know was that Anders, not knowing about his lover’s present, already planned on proposing to him the night before, when they arrived in Milan in the first place.

Before meeting Ejner and Anders I was expecting a lovely couple, passionate about travelling and each other but when I saw the sparkle in their eyes and the laugh on their faces I instantly knew that something more was going on.
I was about to shoot their first pics as an engaged couple.
I can’t put down in words their dreamy eyes and the way they looked at each other.

Their love was overwhelming.

Ejner and Anders are two lovers from Copenhagen.
They’re getting married in Italy next year, and I really hope to be by their side to capture the next stop of their journey through life.